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What We Do


Dedicated to serving our city of London, Reload Health is a brand born of 3 major goals, to help Londoners achieve the optimal ideal of health, energy & all-round happiness whilst balancing the often chaotic never-ending busyness of London Living.

We believe your body is your temple & whether you acknowledge it or not, how you treat it & what you feed it today has a lot to do with whether or not you achieve those goals. We are here to provide a clear, simple & achievable pathway.

The Reload Health Plan Consists of 2 Key Paths

1. Health Coaching

We believe in defying & beating the odds and with our state-of-the art Health Coaching system we’re able to do just that. Meal Plans, a private line of top quality protein shakes, energy maximizers & nutrients as well as our Private Location free bootcamp workouts with a qualified Personal Trainer 3 times a week allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality health & fitness training possible.

2. Business Development

For Individuals Interested in Kick-Starting their very own Health & Fitness Business Reload Health Provides a Unique opportunity to successfully launch as a re-seller of our products & benefit from our tried, tested & perfected training system and marketing plan. We have a proven track record & provide this opportunity to a limited few, you could be next.



Let’s just make this perfectly clear – with the right tools & know-how, any willing person wanting to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle can do just that with consistent action and the desire to put in the hard work. Even if you’re completely clueless about where to begin and have never had the body you’ve been wanting before.

The main reason we can make such a claim & say it as a fact (and not some form of ‘wishful thinking’) is because the Reload Health training system has been specifically designed to show you how to give your body the nutrition it needs, get in the shape you’ve always wanted & maintain it with the right knowledge. You’ll receive training & education from coaching experts using a system with a proven track record & you can do it knowing you will not be on your own, we’ll give you guidance for every step of your journey.

Knowledge is power & not only will you be encouraged to workout, you’ll also be provided useful educational materials you can use to maintain your desired level of health once you reach it.

Our system has quite literally helped hundreds of people shed the fat & keep it off, as well as gain muscle, and this has happened over and over again for years. We’ve seen this happen with all types of people including:

  • Stay at home parents
  • People dissatisfied with their current weight, energy level & lifestyle
  • People who desperately want to change their lifes path
  • People with Zero excercise regime experience
  • Former Yo-yo dieters
  • College & University students
  • Grandparents
  • Professionals like accountants, lawyers & engineers
  • The critically overweight needing to change
  • Individuals wanting to tone up for holiday
  • People with no knowledge of what Good Nutrition is
  • Personal Trainers wanting to gain that extra edge
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Reload Health – London's Private Health Mentors


Our mission at Reload Health is to provide you with the key tools you need to get in shape & start building the life you love. We reach the goal of this mission by supplying our members with the need-to-know health & nutrition fundamentals, offering our world-class range of nutritious supplements & skincare range, free exercise boot-camps 3 times a week & state of the art tracking technology to measure your progress.

As well as offering the vital information and exercise routines you need to achieve optimal fitness & health we'll also equip you with original 'Reload Health' apparel so you can work out in style & know you're truly a part of the Reload Health Team.

Whatever you need to upgrade you're level of health we'll do our best to equip you with. Whether or not you attend our free boot-camp workouts with our very own specified personal trainers or use your local gym you'll be provided your requirements every step of the way.

Members Only: Free Bootcamps & Exercise

Our Free Training Bootcamps

Three times during a working week (Mon, Tues & Fri) at our current North West London location our members can access our hour-long training events with their personal training coach & get in that shape they’ve always wanted, or maintain what they’ve already got.

Body Tracking & Maintenance

At Reload Health our Coaches work with you every step of the way giving you a full evaluation of the current state of your health as well as offering fitness, nutrition and product plan recommendations to provide you the accelerated results you deserve.




Top Quality Health & Nutrition Product Range

A Healthy Range to Support Your Gains

Our partnership with one of the world’s most respected Nutritional Product Providers allows us to offer our clients the highest quality supplements to aid their health & muscle gains.

Meal Plans & More

As well as offering our range of privately available supplements we know that a well rounded healthy lifestyle is just as important as the excercise you undertake which is why we also offer meal-plan advice to our clients.

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Reload Health Apparel

Join The Clan

Our Reload Health Clothing range can be worn casually or during a workout. With our range of quality materials we’re able to offer our clients something truly unique.

You can feel great during your workout knowing you’re wearing a brand that completely defines what you’re about, Defying The Odds! We’re all about pushing boundaries at Reload Health & we want our private clients to experience the benefits. Are you next?


Why Join

We're all about the result. We're not just for body builders & athletes, many of us are regular working people that just want to get and stay in shape.

It's sometimes difficult to get all the nutrition you need from just one meal, but our nutritional shakes & product recommendations you'll receive from our coaches makes that possible.

Sometimes knowing what to do after you've signed up for the gym is a difficult task, the tips we'll be sharing within our blog make it much easier for you to get started.

Overall, we're an organization that's here for you and we care about your results. Our results speak for itself.


Company Name
Company Name
  • The first wealth is health.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson


Reload Health was born out of a dedication for positive results & as a team we want the same for you. As we've grown we want to continue to do so & have you be part of the vision!



WE GIVE 100%

As London's Private Health Mentors the things we hold dear to our organization are simple, it's you & Your results.

Positive Outcomes


Get started & upgrade your health with Reload Health today. Use the form below to register and a Reload Health Coach will be in contact to book you into your first free session as soon as possible.

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